Friday, 13 March 2015

The Discworld

Tonight, somewhere on the Disc, there walks a shadowy bearded figure dressed in black and wearing a hat. It's not a wizards hat mind you, although it's wearer is bestowed with a far greater magic than any wizard. This is the creator of the Discworld, or at least an anthropomorphic personification of him. Gifted with the power of wordsmithary (which isn't easy to say at the best of times let alone with a beard) he strolls leisurely around reviewing his creations, ready to be the unspeaking guide on the next adventure.

Through alleyways, fields and entire continents he passes, totally unseen by all of his creations and yet with every step he breathes life into all around him.  There is nothing new for him to create now, his toil is over and the Disc is ready waiting to be discovered again and again. 

With each visitor a slightly different Discworld will be born, thousands maybe millions and yet they will all be familiar, and he will be there, he will ALWAYS be there.

Sir Terry Pratchett (1948 - 2015)

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Just one more thing,..

I love watching Columbo, it was my favourite TV detective show (still is), and Peter Falk was a great actor who is sadly no longer with us.

But I have two questions.  They're fairly straight forward.

Patrick McGoohan (of ex Prisoner fame) appears in 4 episodes of Columbo.  He has therefore killed at least 4 times.

Surely with the evidence Columbo had collected, the unseen court cases were open and closed without issue, so how does McGoohan keep escaping.

Secondly, Columbo is kind of a genius, McGoohan isn't exactly a master of disguise, why doesn't the Lieutenant recognise him and arrest him on the spot.  Sheer madness.

Yes, I know they are different characters really!